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Matching Donations

There are many companies that do corporate matching for the cash donation and volunteer hours. Some of the companies use third-party entities such as Benevity to manage corporate matching. Benevity already recognizes Vedic Dharma Samaj for corporate matching. Please, check the list below if your company does matching for Vedic Dharma Samaj. If not, check with your company if they can match for Vedic Dharma Samaj and add Vedic Dharma Samaj to the matching list. Help the temple get those matching funds through your valuable donation.

Current Company Matching List for Vedic Dharma Samaj

Company NameMatching Through
Chevron CorporationChevron Corporation Chevron Humankind Employee Funds
Dolby LaboratoriesDolby
GEGE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
GoogleBenevity Community Impact Fund
SAP SoftwareBenevity
Black RockBenevity
Bank of the WestBank of the West
Salesforce FoundationSalesforce Foundation
Well Fargo BankWells Fargo Community Support Program
AmgenAmgen Foundation
VerizonVerizon Verizon Volunteers Matching Grant Gift Confirmation


  • Organization Name: Vedic Dharma Samaj
  • Organization Website:
  • Organization Address: 3676, Delaware Drive, Fremont CA 94538
  • Organization Type: Religious Organization
  • Government ID: 94-2742511
  • Contact Name: Rajesh Verma
  • Contact Email:

Steps to be Followed

  • Please write your donation check to Fremont Hindu temple or pay online
  • Submit your receipt to your company HR for corporate matching using the ID 94-2742511