Donation Opportunities

Donate / Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities

There are many ways devotees can donate for Vedic Dharma Samaj capital needs..

Based on the religious event, the donation range for the sponsorship varies. We have religious events planned year round and request all the devotees to sponsor. Call Temple at or (510) 659-0655 Leave a detailed message, Admin will respond within 24 hours.

Annadana Program - Annadan is Mahadan

Year round we support Preeti Bhoj on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. You can support the Annadana/Preeti Bhoj program by donating a minimum of $251 per Annadana. It will help the temple to serve a large number of devotees who visit on that day.

Debt Payoff

Need your help with your generous donation to pay off the outstanding loans.

Human Services Fund

These funds will be used for Human Services. Some of these include Health Advisory Service, Health Fair, Health Seminars, Grand-in-Aid, Helping Local Food Banks and Senior Activities.