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Daily 7:30am to 9:00pm

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Deity Vastram

Please contact Admins to handover Vastra / Poshak for any diety along with a payment of $21. Idols will be dressed up with your Vastra / Poshak on the day you requested

A. $21 along with Vastra for Sai Baba Clothes(Dress) for Baba: Baba's dress changed often after holy bathing daily comprises of 

(1) outerwear of Kafni and headgear which can be either cotton, satin or silk in any color except black.

(2) innerwear which is white cotton and

(3) scarf or angavastra which can be satin, silk or cotton contrasting or matching color of outerwear

B. $21 with Saree for Lakshami Ma

C. $21 with Vastra / Poshak for any other deity

Satyanarayan Pooja

Satyanarayan Pooja

18th May,2019 Saturday

Time: 6.30pm To 8.15pm

For Sponsorship $51.00

Contact Temple Admin: 510-659-0659

Main Temple

Grand Punah Pranpratistha and Maha Kumbhbhishekam

Grand Punah Pranpratistha and Maha Kumbhabhishekam

Wednesday, June 12th to Sunday, 16th 2019

Consecreation of all Deities on completion of 36th year Since Opening of Fremont Hindu Temple, The First Hindu Temple In Bay Area

A Unique, Authentic, Spiritually uplifiting 5 Day event offering lifetime opportunity to articipate / sponsor and earn divine grace, believed to erdicate sins and liberate seven generation

Sponsorship Opportunity

$2001: All 5 Days of Poojas/Havans etc plus archna all year along

$1001: All 5 Days of Poojas/Havans

$501: All Havans

$201: 2 Days of Havans

$101: 1 Havan or Kalyanam

(All Sponsor receive special maha Prasad based on their sponsorship category)

Click Here to Donate 

or Call 510-659-0655 or in person at temple

Ratha Jatra & Bahuda Jatra

Ratha Jatra & Bahuda Jatra

Sunday, June 16th 2019

Debasnana Poornima


Tuesday, July 2nd 2019

Netrotsava, Naba Jaubana Darshan


Saturday, July 6th 2019

Ratha Jatra


Sunday, July 14th 2019

Bahuda Jatra


Please Contribute $51, $101, $151, $201, $251

Contribution is tax deductible 

You can pay online Ratha Jatra and Havan Contribution http://www.fremonttemple.org/donate/php

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