3676 Delaware Drive, Fremont, CA, 94538
Temple Timings
Daily 7:30am to 9:00pm



The temple is managed by the Board of Trustees and the Management Board. The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for the strategic and long term planning of the temple affairs. It consists of all donors who have donated over $5000 and pay an annual trusteeship fee of $1500 per year. You can also become a Life Member of the temple by donating $501 and an annual Member by donating $101 Among its several responsibilities, the board is entrusted with the fund raising and fund disbursement. The Chairperson of the board is elected by the trustees every two years.

Temple Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (filed in 1981)

 BOARD OF TRUSTEES - (2019-2020)

Romesh K Japra, MD (Chairman/Founder)


Rajesh Verma (Co-Chairman/CFO) 




Manorama Joshi (Trustee)

Mahesh Pakala/Reena Patnaik Rao (Trustee)

Chandru/Sajni Bhambhra (Trustee)

Hira/Veena Birla (Trustee)



Anjana Gupta (Trustee)

Santosh Bhatia (Trustee)

Rajesh/Madhu Gupta (Trustee)

Shyam/Aruna Chetal (Trustee)



Karan/Arshia Gupta (Trustee)

Yudhi Ahuja (Trustee)

Veena Puri, MD (Trustee)

Tarsem/Sneh Garg (Trustee)
Surya Pattanaik (Trustee)

Mohan/Shikha Trikha (Trustee)

Padmaja Sharma, MD (Trustee)

Vaneet/Nisha Sharma (Trustee)

Dhaval/Manali Brahmbhatt (Trustee)

Sandeep/Shalini Deokule (Trustee)



Deepak chhabra (General Secretary / Event Chair)



Govind Pasumarthi (Religious Chair)









TEMPLE PHONE: (510) 659-0655

EMAIL: templeadmin@fremonttemple.org

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